Thursday, October 4, 2012

XCOM Lead Game Designer goes Undercover

As you may or may not know, in game development there's two main branches: developers and publishers. The publishers are those who promote and sell the games (to stores and gamers as well), while the developers are those who create the game.

Now the developers can be in turn game designers, programmers, artists and so on. Each person is good at their own task and will probably not be that good at doing another one's job. Makes sense, right?

Well, here's what happens when you ask a lead game designer to promote their own game in a store. You'd think they know the game best, so they'd know how to present the selling points best... but do they?

Below you have XCOM Lead Game Designer, Jake Solomon:

What do you think? Is he a good marketer, or should he stick to just designing the games? Leave your response in the comments section below or on Twitter.

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